Broadfield Flood Pond

This project consisted of tree removal together with stump removal, demolition of the existing spillway structure.


We undertook the construction of a new cast, reinforced concrete spillway together with wing walls and a stepped weir and Installation of a draw down pipe that included a new draw down penstock chamber, which can be used to relieve the lake levels during extreme weather.  


We then installed gabion scour protection from the spillway to the culvert and fitted a new bespoke galvanised trash screen structure. Trash screens are used to block debris from entering the main watercourse and can be easily cleared to prevent build up. All trash screens that fall under our juristiction are mainatined and cleaned weekly.


 We designed and constructed a bespoke 6.2m green oak footbridge across the waterway as this area is used as a public pathway.  The earth bund  around the lake was extended and we installed a security fence and steel bollards around the structure. After this project was completed, we re-profiled all landscaped areas and re-seeded them ready for the year ahead.

The Granary

Rashes Farm

Seslfield Road

Turners Hill

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